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Hi there, I am Riyad the mastermind behind the Flashlights Advice. We created The Flashlights Advice to provide an in-depth guide regarding your everyday life.

If you are frequently going for a night walk, hunting, camping, fishing, or caving, a flashlight is mandatory for people like you. In daily life uses, like finding keyholes in the dark, walking dogs in the woods, checking trails for moose, and stocked in the emergency auto kit, you should have a flashlight even if it is necessary for search and rescue.

For aiming those purposes and providing you with in-depth details regarding flashlights, we introduce Flashlights Advice.

Who Am I!

Riyad Bhuiyan

Professional Content Writer & Digital Marketer

I am a professional content writer and a product researcher. I have written many articles about this industry. I work as the brain behind all of our guides.

I try to provide my best effort to consistently picks the best products and creates valuable pieces of content for flashlight gear enthusiasts.

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