5 Best Flashlight Holster 2022

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The flashlight holster is a piece of essential equipment for you if you are working for law enforcement, security purposes, or similar task like this. Because sometimes, you need to hold the flashlight while multitasking. For this, here comes the flashlight holster.

It allows you to securely hold the flashlights and keep them anywhere you want, from your belt to your pocket. So, after doing in-depth research, I have come up with a few best flashlight holsters which fulfill your needs.

Best flashlight holster

1. Streamlight 88051 tactical holster

Streamlight 88051 tactical holster

If you are looking for a holster capable of holding the flashlight no matter where you keep it, then you should go with the Streamlight 88051 Tactical Holster. The holster has a spring-loaded interior wall that keeps the flashlight in the right place.

The holster is made with lightweight nylon material. So, you do not need to feel the hassle of carrying extra weight and ensure long time performance due to the sturdy material. 

You can use the holster with any standard web duty belt up to 3 inches. The good part is that the holster belt clip holds well and hasn’t much chance of slipping off from the belt.

Compatible with:  ProTac HL, PolyTac, PolyTac (X, X USB, HP), Streamlight (TL-2 LED ,TL-2 X Series),  Strion (LED,HL,DS),  NightCom UV, Twin Task 2L (lanyard removed), Scorpion X, Scorpion LED

Not Compatible with: Scorpion HL

2. Nextorch V5 tactical flashlight holster

Nextorch V5 tactical flashlight holster

You will find everything you want from a tactical flashlight holster. Its attractive and unique design makes it more appealing to take it anywhere. With its design, it will not disappoint you in terms of performance.

The holster is compatible with 25-32mm head diameter flashlights which means you can put small to large size flashlights in the holster. It comes with a screw to adjust with a different size flashlight. You need to adjust the screw to fit in with your flashlight.

Also, you can lock the flashlight after putting it into the tactical holster, which means after closing it, there is a zero chance the flashlight will get out from the holster.

You can rotate the flashlight at a 360-degree angle and lock it at different angles (16 locking positions), which means while you are working with it, there is less chance that it will displace from the target. 

I think you will not find any belt which can not adjust with the holster. You can fit it with a 55 mm width belt. After putting it on your belt, you can lock it with the belt that holds it perfectly. 

Also, the detachable design allows you to remove the holster and the flashlight from the belt easily.

Overall, the Nextorch tactical flashlight is a winner deal, I think. The reason behind this is you can easily carry it for everyday work as well as for professional work. Also, It will not disappoint you.

Compatible with: 25-32 mm width head diameter head of flashlights

3. Nite Ize flashlight holder with belt clip

Nite Ize flashlight holder with belt clip

Nite Ize Flashlight Holder has enough ability to hold the flashlight in a perfect position. Also, you can use it with all types of handheld flashlights due to its good quality stretchable side panel. It is capable of holding flashlights from AAA to D-Cell battery flashlights.

Also, the flashlight holder is super lightweight. Its weight is only 2.5 Ounces. So, it will provide you relief from extra weight carrying. Plus, the 360° rotating flex clip makes it a perfect option to keep in a belt. You can easily rotate the clip to find a perfect position to attach to your belt.

Its sturdy and flexible design is far better than some renowned flashlight holsters. Also, the holster can ensure a long service warranty due to its robust nylon construction. You will find relief after hearing that the holster comes with Worry-Free Guarantee.

Compatible with: Universal design (AAA models up to D-Cell battery lights) But, it will be a little bit tight with D-size flashlights.

4. Kydex flashlight holster

Kydex flashlight holster

The Kydex Flashlight Holster can attach to any belt’s thickness. The good part is you can attach the holder to your pants if you do not wear the belt.

The clip-on flashlight holster provides long-time service in EDC due to its durable and tough polymer material. Also, it has a scratch-resistant feature that keeps it looking like new for a long time. 

You can move the clip like my previously selected Nite Ize Flashlight Holder. That means you can position the flashlight at a different angle to work with it when it attaches to your belt.

Also, the flashlight is ideal for keeping a small to medium size flashlight on it. If your flashlight head diameter is 25 to 28 mm, you can put it into the holster without hassle.

The incredible part of the holster is that it comes with O-rings which help you tighten or loosen the holster according to your flashlight size. If you assume the holster is loose for your flashlight, just tighten it with the O-ring. Do vice verse for tightness.

Compatible with: 25-28mm Diameter flashlight head

5. Rothco enhanced universal flashlight holder

Rothco enhanced universal flashlight holder

The Rothco Enhanced Universal Flashlight Holder has a slightly different style than the above flashlights. It comes with a slight design that allows you quickly attach it to your duty belts. 

You can use the flashlight holder up to 2.5 inches thick belt. The reliable snap-on closure keeps it in place and provides a better hold. Also, the flashlight holder is only 0.2 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to carry daily. 

Also, you can keep it outside in any weather condition as it is made with water-resistant polyester. Though Rothco introduces it as a universal flashlight holster, it can only hold a flashlight up to 1 inch in diameter. So, you cannot put your flashlight in the holster if its head is more than 1 inch.

Compatible with: 1 inch in diameter with a head size

How to make a flashlight holster?

If you want to make a flashlight holster instead of getting one, you can follow the videos below to make a holster according to your flashlight size.

  • Make a flashlight holster like Kydex
  • DIY Paracord Flashlight Holster

Final words

The flashlight holster is important for you if you are doing any security, law enforcement, or plumbing jobs. This means the holster is a must-have piece of equipment if you need to work with a flashlight. You need to choose one ideal to fulfill your desired preference.

I think the guide will help you choose your desired best flashlight holster. In my opinion, the Nextorch V5 Tactical Flashlight Holster is the best. It gets the top position due to its build quality, performance, and unique design.

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