Can UV Flashlights Damage Skin?

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Are you using a UV flashlight in your daily life task? Then, you might think about whether the UV flashlights do any damage to your skin or not if you hold a UV flashlight up to your arm or skin for a long period of time.

If you are thinking like that, then the article is for you. I am going to explain to you whether UV flashlights damage your skin or not.

What are UV flashlights used for?

UV flashlights are used most of the time for authenticated money or documents. The UV rays from the flashlights help to detect whether the money or documents are legal. 

Also, it is used to trace evidence of forensics investigations as blood, urine, and more. You can also use UV flashlights for leak detection, HVAC, and similar purpose.

Are UV flashlights safe?

It depends on what type of UV flashlights you are using. Generally, the flashlights which come with purple light are safe for use. So, if you own a UV flashlight containing purple flashlights, you can use it without any issues. 

Can UV flashlights damage skin?

Whether UV rays come from the sun or flashlights, they will cause sunburn if you hold them or expose yourself for a long time in your skin. But, in normal use, it will not affect you. 

However, if your UV flashlights come with blue lights, it will create more damage to your skin than purple light. Also, if your flashlights contain UV-B wavelengths, they will cause more damage to your skin.

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Final words

If your flashlight contains UV rays, you should carefully use it and expose it to the eyes or skin directly. Otherwise, you will find some skin issues like sunburn and sometimes more than that.

I hope my today’s guide and collecting sources will provide you with more information regarding this. Overall, do not target the UV flashlights directly on your skin though it contains minimum UV rays.

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