Do Blood Tracking Flashlights Work?

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You need to search for the target if you take a wrong shot. Blood tracking is an easy way to find the game. But, you might wonder which type of flashlight will be ideal for tracking blood at night. 

In hunting communities, there has been a mixed reaction regarding flashlights. You should not expect blood to pop up like a neon sign when you flash it. You need to look closely and carefully to find the blood trace.

Now, you might say, keep apart everything and answer whether blood tracking flashlights work or not.

The simple answer is that there is no perfect blood-tracking flashlight that can satisfy you. Also, whether the flashlight will work or not depends on the number of leaves and other elements on the ground. The amount of moisture and even the time of day makes a huge difference. But, you can track blood using a flashlight, depending on light colors and other factors. 

So, now let’s find out which color light provides more advantage in terms of blood tracks while hunting.

Which color light is best for tracking blood?

Blue: Blue light is a good option for hunters for various reasons. But, while you are talking about a blood-trailing flashlight, a blue light will disappoint you if it comes with LEDs. 

However, if your blue-colored flashlight comes with incandescent lights, you will get a better result. Most probably, the reason behind this incan blubs releases good amount of IR than LEDs. 

Red: Red flashlights are ideal for hunting deer or similar games. The reason behind this deer can not see a red flashlight. But, in terms of blood tracking, a red flashlight will disappoint you. You can hardly see the blood trace as the red light makes the ground, leaves, and everything near it radish color, which makes it hard to trace blood.

Green: Also, if your flashlight comes with the green light option, it will not provide any better outcome.

White: It is shocking that regular white bulbs provide better outcomes in terms of blood tracking. Also, warm white light provides a better result than any other flashlight. You can easily trace blood using white light, whether cooler or warmer. But, warmer white light provides a better result than regular.

 UV light: You might notice that crime shows or forensic experts use UV light to track blood stains as they provide better results.

But, while you are talking about hunting, the UV lights are totally useless. If something is not reflecting, how can you chase it? As most of the plants and grounds do not reflect by using UV, you will not see blood trace.

Combination of different colors: This is something which you can use for tracking blood at night. The combination of different color lights provides a better result than any other sole light. 

Here is some combination of light that can provide better results for tracking blood using a flashlight:

  • Red and green
  • Blue and green
  • Blue and red

The good part is that if you use the blue lens with LEDs, it still works while combining it with other colors.

Note: You might have a different opinion regarding the light color. So, feel free to suggest any related blood tracking flashlight which provides a better result.

An alternative of blood tracking flashlight

You can use hydrogen peroxide(Amazon link) if you are looking for an alternative to use while falling into a blood trial situation. 

While blood comes into contact with the Hydrogen peroxide, the blood turns into pure white and starts bubbling up. So, it makes it stand out really well, especially at night. Also, due to the bubbling, you can easily detect the blood.

If you are going to use hydrogen Peroxide, you should keep in mind that they are photoreactive. If you do not tight the container cap, it will turn into H2O

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