Can You Make A Rainbow With A Flashlight?

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Watching a rainbow project and thinking, can I make it using a flashlight.

Are you thinking like that?

Then, the article will help you determine whether you can make a rainbow using a flashlight.

Is it possible to make a rainbow using a flashlight?

The simple answer is yes. You can easily make a rainbow using a flashlight indoors. The good part is you can make the rainbow using household items. The process is simple and super easy. Even a kid can efficiently perform the task.

What should you need to make a rainbow with a flashlight?

You need to arrange the below items to make a rainbow.

  1. Flashlight (obviously) 
  2. Glass or a transparent box
  3. Mirror
  4. Water

Here is the step-by-step process of making a rainbow using a flashlight

Step 1: Make sure the room is completely dark where you like to do the experiment.

Step 2: Take water from the glass and put the mirror on it. You should place the mirror angle-wise and keep it near the wall.

Step 3: Now, shine the flashlight on the mirror, which is located under the water. And, you see the rainbow on the wall which is reflected from the mirror beneath the water. Now, enjoy the beautiful rainbow in your room.

rainbow with flashlight

After doing the experiment, you might wonder what the valid explanation behind this is. Then, you can check out the article from explorable, where they explain the science behind it.

How long will the rainbow stay?

If you can light the mirror for infinity time, then you can enjoy the rainbow for infinity time. So, the rainbow will stay as long as you light the mirror and maintain the proper angle.

So, start making a rainbow with a flashlight with your kids as now you know how to make it.

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